My teaching and the medium/long-term learning objectives

Teaching music is of fundamental importance for a harmonious and creative development, therefore it is recommended to start playing at an early age: children, in fact, are particularly malleable and they learn how to play an instrument very fast. They enjoy the possibly to express themselves freely, through a border less language.

I am devoted to my teaching since I was 17, while I was attending the VII grade at the Conservatory.

I have experienced and applied various teaching methods, and model them to needs of the pupils.

I can teach you in three languages: Italian, English and German.

Below I list the medium and long-term learning objectives designated by myself for the pupils.

  • Understand the learning objectives

  • Reflect on the interpretation, in order to enhance the imaginative and creative capacities

  • Identify the right gesture for a specific musical articulation

  • Understand the structure of musical pieces

  • Feel the weight of the arms

  • Play with a relaxed body and hands, without tensions

  • Create a good sound

  • Maintain a high concentration during the performance

  • Reflect critically on the results

  • Self-regulate the study

  • Enhance the first sight

  • Enhance listening capacity through chamber music

  • Play and study with pleasure (motivation of the pupils)

  • Learn to memorize and play by memory